Allied Biodiesel Industries (UK)                     

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the British Biodiesel Industry

The Allied Biodiesel Industries (UK) trade association was formed to represent those SME companies prepared to accept the limitations imposed by HMG on the production of biodiesel in the UK, introduced in Budget 2002.

The 20p tax concession allowed by the Chancellor, introduced on Friday, 26 July 2002, is to enable biodiesel made from used oils to compete with petrodiesel.  It does not result in a cheaper fuel. 

The biodiesel produced by members of ABI (UK) is made from recovered cooking oils and fats, thus providing the "ethical switch" of those materials away from drains, ditches and the human food chain. Use in animal feeds was banned on 1 November 2004.

A voluntary code of stringent quality control procedures ensure that the fuel is to the highest standard possible, suitable for use in any diesel engine fitted to current production vehicles.  However, users should note any limitations imposed by the manufacturer - these may be found in the Users Handbook.  Note that Vehicle Warranties are NOT nullified by using higher bioblends than recommended - only damage caused by the use of an unapproved fuel.

No modification is required to the engine or the vehicle unless permanently running on 100% biodiesel, when optional retardation of injection timing  reduces NOx emissions (-8%). 

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Whilst being essentially practitioners, ABI (UK) fully supports the objectives of those lobbying for the use of straight vegetable oils* and the major tax concession necessary to produce biodiesel from fresh vegetable oil.

What are we going to do when the oil runs out, Daddy?

Even the most optimistic commentator forecasts that oil supplies will be exhausted within 60 years.  Some say, with a growth of 2% per annum,  as low as 40.  So what are our children to use for transport?  How is the so- called "sustainable society" to be achieved?

HMG policy on renewables is little more than a long series of detailed reports and financial support for unrealistic measures.  We believe that biodiesel is one of the ways to help ensure future stability - and we are doing something about it.

* The use of straight vegetable oils or strange mixtures in unmodified engines will harm your engine - see the biodiesel information page.

Some individual filling stations - more coming on line -

Oil Depletion Analysis Centre -

Liquid solar energy

Biodiesel is a sustainable  transport fuel made from  organic oils and fats.

It is non-carcinogenic and bio-degradable, reducing tailpipe emissions of carbon monoxide, smoke and many other noxious substances. Because plants absorb carbon dioxide whilst growing, CO2 emissions are also substantially reduced. 

Biodiesel has been fully evaluated, tested and approved, and is currently available throughout the USA and Europe.  All French petrodiesel contains 5% biodiesel as an oxygenator and lubricity additive.

Use of biodiesel therefore has many advantages, both environmental and in helping assure Britain's energy security in the years to come.


The end of civilisation as we know it will not be brought about by nuclear holocaust nor by terrorist outrage but by bumbling bureaucracy. T. L. de Winne


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